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Class of 2019: Jasmine

I cannot wait to share this Senior Session with you! Jasmine is the first of our Class of 2019 seniors. She is from Mandarin High School here in Jacksonville and she’s a varsity lacrosse goalie. My daughter plays lacrosse for Mandarin also, so I met Jasmine this past season and she generally either has a goalie mask on or she’s in the process of taking it on or off and the look is well – like a goalie. No make up, pony tail, maybe a little how shall we say “dewy” LOL

So imagine my surprise when I met her in St Augustine for her senior photos and I’m presented with the amazingly beautiful pair of eyes. I was all “what!” where have those eyes been? And that hair! Down out of a pony tail for the first time in my experience and all made up. She is just flat out gorgeous!

But more than that the confidence that this girl has in front of the camera was amazing. She was totally in control of her look with her quiet stillness. Eyes right to camera. Perfectly in control.

We started out at the Lighter Museum and them made our way up one of my favorite little palm lined streets and then around a few side streets to get over to the Intercoastal to set some shoots with the Bridge of Lions in the background. It was a hot summer night but we made it through. Thank goodness she wore flats because this being my first shoot of the season I forgot tell her to bring flip flops to walk in!

I’m so excited that Senior Season is here and we’re off with a bang. This was a great shoot to get back in the groove with, Jasmine made my night so easy. Looking forward to posting more seniors soon.


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