New Year, New Pricing!

Pricing is one of the things that I have 'hella struggled with in the past. Photography is not my full time gig so while I want to be competitive in the Jacksonville marekt and also price in a way that represents the work, I'm not that comfortable charging an arm and a leg for my work. I've always said the photography stuff is more of a retirement plan than a business.

As such I've waffled between the pressure to price with the market and the desire to just give it away. So I think I've found a balance. I'm okay with being compensated for my time but not with turning a profit on prints. Also I soooo don't want to sit customers down and do in person sales, I hate in person sales. Seriously I cannot express how much I hate the idea of pressuring customers to buy prints they really don't want or need.

I took a hard look at my life(style) and asked myself why am I bothering with prints? I am a digital person, my entire life revolves around the digital world, our house, our lives, my day job, everything. We are so internet reliant we don't even have cable TV. AND we are mobile everything!

So that's my new pricing model ... clearly priced session fees you get full print rights and every session comes with a limited number of edited photos in a mobile app that you can download the files from if you want to print some.

It's all about getting simple and comfortable with my prices, and I am so excited about this change!

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