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Regan: Bartram Trail High School

Regan is a senior at Bartram High School this year and was the absolute best sport when we got caught in torrential downpour right in the middle of her photo shoot. I kid you not you could have canoed down the street. We had just finished up with her first outfit change at the Cummer Musuem in St Auguestine and were getting ready to head out to the "red door" when the bottom fell out. Luckily it was the height of summer and we had lots of daylight left.

Regan is a natural in front of the camera and game to try anything. We did some really fun stuff inside of Flagler College's lobby student building on the big staircase but it was just too dark.. I keep telling her we need to go back!

Regan is heading out to Florida Southern next year! Good luck Regan!

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