I suck at Selfies

As a photographer you're always behind the camera, and never in the pictures. You'd think with the rise of the selfie that this would change, not so much here because I suck at selfies.

I can never seem to hold the camera properly in order to not drop it and still take the shot.

My fancy new camera is supposed to have this verbal command thing that makes it snap the selfie but I find it must hate my voice as much as any other voice command system I've ever tried to use. It's hopeless.

Also why are there no really good photo retouching apps? All the ones I've tried make it look like a 5 year old got ahold of photoshop - ick! They are not kind to almost 50 somethings.

So I'm looking for selfie tips if anyone's got them.

How do not drop the damn phone?

How do I get far enough away to not see my wrinkes?

Where do you hold the damn phone for the mirror shot?

The struggle is real...

#selfies #GalaxyS6Edge

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