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New Year, New Phone, Fresh Start

The beginning a New Year, time for some resolutions right? Well why not.

I hate anything compulery.. your know like writing blog posts on a routine basis, but I love learning so I thought that maybe a way around that might be to write about things I've learned. Seems to make sense huh?

So what have I been focusing on learning lately, how to use my new phone, the Samsung S6 Edge +. Or more specifically how to learn to use the awesome camera in my new phone.

I used to take my DSLR everywhere, I'd lug it around all the time and be "that mom." In the last year since starting a local photography business in Jacksonville is that I tend to take the DSLR around with me less and less. I think this is a function of two things, one I vew it as more of a professional tool now, and two our phones now have cameras that can do a better job of documenting the everyday moments with the kids, which is why I started back up with my photography to begin with 10 years ago. At 16MP / F1.9 my phone now has a better lense and is a better camera than my first DSLR.

One of favorite things is that it has a "Pro" feature

I discovered this when my daughter asked me a simple question on New Years Eve about taking photos with her new phone the sparklers she and her sister were playing with. She asked if there was a shutter on cameras and I said no. And then I thought.. hmm I should check and see if I'm right.

So we investigated and found that while her new Galaxy S6 (non edge) did not even in pro mode. Mine did! How about that. Actually I was really surprised with how much control the new pro mode gave me over the camera controls.

So we went outside to see if it actually worked.

Pretty cool, no other cell phone camera I've ever had would have been able to give me this image.

So this is my new project to play with this new camera and also create content for the blog at the same time.

#NewYears #GalaxyS6Edge #Photography #CellPhoneCamera

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