My logo inspiration

Recently I've been talking to a friend about logo design so I thought I'd write post about where mine came from.

When I decided to create a logo and watermark for my photographs I wanted it to feel really personal to me. I thought back to my first digital camera, the one that re-ignited by passion for photography that started when I was a little girl playing with my brother's old 35mm.

It was a Kodak DCS200 and it was the first thing I ever bought off eBay. It was purchased in the summer of 1999 in anticipation of a trip to London for the Millinal New Year. The oldest picture I have from this camera is this flower in the back yard. I went inside downloaded the images off the card and I was hooked. The instant gratification was amazing.

That camera went on to become an extension of me over the next several years. I took it everywhere when I moved to New York in the Summer of 2000. I documented that summer by photographing as many of the cows in the NYC Cow Parade as I could find learning my way around the city as I went.

And it was the first camera to capture images of my first child when she was born.

That camera is the single most important camera I have ever owned.

It's unusual shape at times could be a bit unweildy but I leaned on that shape for inspiration and created a logo that spoke to arc on the top as a quite tribute the importance of that camera.

The colors were simply some of my favorites, I'm a sucker for the freshness of blues and greens used together - they just make me happy.

My name... we'll that's my name. Photography is personal to me so I couldn't imagine not using my name. I think it speaks to the personal touch I want to bring to my work.

So there we are.. my logo explained.

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