My Easter Bunnies

Heading into Easter I usually have a pretty good idea of what pictures I want to do with the girls. This year, not so much. We ended up just grabbing a few on a whim over by the river at a neighbors house and that was that.

It's funny how that works, I didn't fall in love with the right away but the more I look at them the happier I am. Part of it might be how much they are changing. You don't notice in the day to day of life but then it's there in the photos, the teenager and the tween. Where did they come from? Where did the babies go?

I did happen to snap what I'm sure will always remain one of my all time favorites though. This photo just completely captures them and their love for one another and the constant companionship they share. They live to make each other laugh. They are the yin and yang of each other but always part of a whole.

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