Fearless Friday - Stepping out of Little Sister's Shadow


This past week I was so inspired by the articles about Kate Parker's Collection #strongisthenewpretty. I immediatley related to what she was saying in the photos and how she described being in awe of her daughter's strength. So many of my favorite photos I've taken of the girls are just like those, my girls being awesome and strong and taking on challenges I never would have dreamed of at their age. In fact the only photos they have of themselves in their rooms are photos like these wearing eye black and finishing triathlons. They see the posed pretty shots as ones for mom.

It's inspired me to start a series of my own feature the girls and their friends and teammates, today and from over the years. Photos of them conquering their world. Photos they can look back on when their are feeling doubtful and draw strength from.

Stepping out from little sister's shadow

Parker is the classic big sister. She has loved and nurtured her baby sister from the day she was born. Sawyer has always looked up to and adored her older sister, ever striving to follow in her footsteps. Athletics are no exception. Parker and her passion for sports has led them both through many seasons and different sports but as Sawyer has gotten older, she's also diverged and found her own path in sports. Playing goalie is one way Sawyer has made own place.

Being a goalie in Lacrosse means keeping your cool while other girls wing a hard rubber ball directly at you, often right at your head. It means not flinching away, holding your ground, believing in your gear, keeping your head, and most of all being #fearless. It is not for the faint-hearted, it is not an easy thing to do. (it also not an easy thing to watch your little baby girl do - trust me). Sawyer eats it up. She loves the gear, she loves the challenge, she loves the adrenline rush of the block. She also loves the attention she gets for being such a little badass.

Watching her little sister play goalie finally got the best of her this season, and when Parker found herself on a team who needed a back up, hands got raised. Last Saturday she doned the gear for the first time, and took her spot in the crease.

As expected of a true rookie she had a slow start, but she never flinched. And by the end of the game she was blocking more than were going through. You can't ask for much more than that. She stood tall in her goal, kept her feet moving, and her stick high.

She trusted her insticts, she kept her cool. She was fearless.

Strong. Is. The. New. Pretty.

#fearlessfriday #sisters

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