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Good-bye Square Space, The New Website is Live

Things have been kind of quiet on my social sites because there was tons going on behind the scenes with my website. I moved from Square Space onto Wix.. long story but let's just say that Square Space could stand to spend less money on Jeff Bridges and more money on customer service training. If you want to know why I ditched Square Space, send me a message and I'll fill you in.

Anyway I love Wix so far. It's so much more flexible and while they can definitely start you out with a template you can change things around however you like without any worries. It's really simple and easy to learn how to create a great site with their tools. And no I am not being paid to say this.

So now I'm excited to get back on track booking Spring Sessions - in fact, it's Spring Break here so I'll be rolling out several promotions over the next several days. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram feeds for more details!

Focus on Fun!

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